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Today the world is a complex system of worldwide communication and exchange. The importance of intercultural and international communication has increased during recent decades. Globalization manifests itself in the increased interest of trans-cultural and educational academic exchange programs. Therefor our Cultural Exchange Program was established.


Promoting Culture Worldwide

A Gateway to Another Culture: There always exists the knowledge gap of foreign cultures and customs. That is why it is important to provide a certain bridge between different cultures. The World Education Fund is also designed to serve as a bridge to trans-cultural understanding through educational programs. We promote international friendship by facilitating cultural and educational exchange activities between the all countries of the world. The World Education Fund is a non-profit organization. It was developed to promote school students global knowledge, multi-cultural understanding, and to provide an opportunity to both countries/students through cultural and educational exchange.

The best way to learn traditional values of a country, its language, customs, and its social settings is to experience it. Thus, our incorporation aims at facilitating and organizing academic cultural and educational exchange between counties.

interculturalThe WEF's Major Tasks:

  • Promotion of Cultural Exchange
  • Introduction of Foreign and World Cultures
  • Cultural and Academic Exchange
  • Trans-Cultural Intellectual Exchange
  • Intercultural Lectures and Seminars
  • Youth Exchange Programs